Switching from Virtual DJ to Traktor 3

Lately, while upgrading our setup, we also switched from Virtual DJ to Traktor 3 – mainly because Traktor (3) feels (and looks) more “professional” as well as the shipped effects have higher quality in soundand the midi mapping of the Reloop Contour setup we use is way better, meaning it works like a charm out of the box.

But that is only the pro side, there are alot of cons as well that we encountered when migrating after years of working in Virtual DJ to Traktor 3.

The issues might have started because we used a trial version of Traktor 3 before, but also as this trial came with the older NI Access app which could not be migrated, so we needed to install the new NI Access and over-install Traktor 3, which lead to a massive configuration problem what resulted in having to reset to factory defaults before every single start of Traktor to get it running. Yes, every single time we wanted to launch Traktor we needed to remove the config files completely.

After uninstalling all NI apps, removing all MIDI controller drivers, reinstalling all sound cards and reinstalling NI Access, Traktor and then the other applications – yet – Traktor is working, but we cannot get the external midi clock via loopbe1 midi working.

Beside that I found it very disturbing and frustrating that in 2024 a software like Traktor does not feature OS2L protocol or similar out of the box, making it very hard to get a former fully working QLC+ DMX light setup working again.