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Every 4th Friday, 20:00 CEST Elder Parasite, Dr. Vannacut and other guest artists

New Release

Be My Lover

Dr. Vannacut X MAHW! present their very own remix of that famous 90’s song

Release Artwork for Dr. Vannacut - Star Wars (The Core Awakens)
New Release

Star Wars

Something inside me has always been there. Something inside me is awake.

Just let it in

New Release


“Was? Ich versteh’ kein Wort!”

The first #NOG-Release with it’s own merch!

We are the noize

Welcome to the Noize of Germany, shortly #NOG. We are a platform for all harder-styles music made in Germany.

Not only we do create live-streams, we also do feature releases, events and merchandise.

If you are planning an event or a party and are in need of harder-styles DJs, acts, shows or performers just get in touch with us.

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