Dr. Vannacut

The doctor is in

Dr. Vannacut – come, meet the doctor.

Born in 1985, Timo – aka Dr. Vannacut – grew up right within the time where the music industry began to get more and more electronically produced and influenced.

Looking back, those mid-80’s track which typically featured samples from TV-shows, movies and radio broadcasts may have been the most important part in the music of the time which affected, and still affects, his productions and mainly led him into producing tracks anyhow.

Being a creative mind ever since, no matter of which kind of being creative, the music is just one piece of getting his weird ideas out of the head and into something “real”.

As being always really interested in electronics, also electronical music, it didn’t take long for him to create his own “music” – or whatever you shall call ones first arrangements of sounds – on the “good ol” Amiga A500.


by Dr. Vannacut